Vertıcal Transportatıon Consultancy

With our roots in the Netherlands, we have grown into a major organization all over the world. We have been testing and inspecting elevators, escalators, travelators since 1933. We are a proud member of CTBUH& UITP.

What we do as a Vertical Transportation Consultant?


A. Design Phase:

• Determination of project requirements and occupancy rates and their effects on vertical transportation systems,
• Design studies and traffic analysis in line with needs,
• Submission final traffic analysis reports according to feedback and requests by client,
• Defining requirements of service/fire elevators, if needed,
• Submission hoist-way and machine space dimensions of elevators/escalators.


B. Tender, Contract and Construction Documentation Phase:

• Preparation of technical specifications for the tender, Preparation of preventive maintenance and guarantee conditions.
• To answer the technical questions of suppliers during the tender period,
• Evaluation of the offers and preparing comparison tables,
• Responding RFIs,
• Review of the technical information and drawings delivered by the suppliers,
• Preparation of technical part of contract

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