We have 40+ years of experience for structure& infrasructure. We also conduct inspection and checking evaluation and strength grading of solid, laminated or existing structural timber elements according to EuroNorms, also we provide on-site inspecting, observing, reporting compliance to norms and project requirement. We provide structural consultancy services the whole process.


Some of the works we conduct as a structural consultant:

o   To develope design strategies, program, and intent in the form of various structural options based on the approved Pre-concept, fully coordinated with all the other Consultants, specialists and stakeholders.
o   To review Geotechnical Investigation reports and ensure that the recommendations of the report are supporting the structural design at the Concept Stage.
o   To evaluate the utilisation of prefabricated structural materials that allow mobility and constructability of facilities.
o   To develop outline constructability recommendations encompassing structural requirements, façade considerations and input from industry.
o   Assist the Client in developing a procurement strategy for the main trades.
o   To use industry-standard software that allows the seamless transfer of output through various platforms to facilitate coordination with the design and construction team.
o   Confirming the Structural System complies with the Client’s sustainability and environmental goals.
o   Risk Assessment of Proposed Structural System.
o   Understanding of requirements for building maintenance and operation strategy to be considered in the design.
o   Review of Constructability that addresses access to the site, construction methods, and region-specific application highlighting environmentally friendly solutions.

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