Structural Desıgn

We have expertise practically in every structural material even in traditionally non-structural ones in with a 40+ years of experience for structure& infrasructure. We design&engineer our structures coherently for strength, efficiency, function, form, and constructability.


Some of the Stages of our Design Services:
1. Schematic Design Phase

All decisions given in Conceptual Design Phase by architect and client will be drawn as draft for further phases. Most of the structural element sizes and shapes shall be roughly decided.
• Feasibility studies, material takeoffs for tender preparation and preliminary design
• Formfinding and optimization of large span shell roof covers in various materials


2. Design Development / Tender Documents Phase

This phase involves finalizing the design. All drawings shall be done precisely. List of works under this scope can be found below.
• Formwork plans,
• Column and shear wall construction details,
• Beams construction details,
• Floors construction details,
• Stairs construction details,
• Foundation formwork plans,
• Foundation construction details,
• Steel plans and construction details,
• Reinforcement, concrete and steel quantities,
• Detailed final analysis and optimization, construction documents preparation for permits, site execution, and preparing shop drawings for fabrication.
• Advanced structural and stress analysis with 3D solid modeling


3. Construction Phase

• Scenario planning and sequencing of complex construction methods with 3D modeling and animations
• On-site inspecting, observing, reporting compliance to norms and project requirement.
• Necessary Revisions and on site modifications will be calculated and drawn as built.


We also conduct inspection and checking evaluation and strength grading of solid, laminated or existing structural timber elements according to EuroNorms, also we provide on-site inspecting, observing, reporting compliance to norms and project requirement.


Some of the works we conduct as a Structural Engineering Consultant:

  • To develope design strategies, program, and intent in the form of various structural options based on the approved Pre-concept, fully coordinated with all the other Consultaspecialists and stakeholders.
  • To review Geotents, chnical Investigation reports and ensure that the recommendations of the report are supporting the structural design at the Concept Stage.
  • To evaluate the utilisation of prefabricated structural materials that allow mobility and constructability of facilities.
  • To develop outline constructability recommendations encompassing structural requirements, façade considerations and input from industry.
  • Assist the Client in developing a procurement strategy for the main trades.
    To use industry-standard software that allows the seamless transfer of output through various platforms to facilitate coordination with the design and construction team.
  • Confirming the Structural System complies with the Client’s sustainability and environmental goals.
  • Risk Assessment of Proposed Structural System.
  • Understanding of requirements for building maintenance and operation strategy to be considered in the design.
  • Review of Constructability that addresses access to the site, construction methods, and region-specific application highlighting environmentally friendly solutions.