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“Design” needs to go green for humanity to simply survive. Meet our award-winning & world-recognized consultants for a sustainable future!   We provide below listed consultancy services concerning sustainable, green buildings. We conduct them along with other engineering services we provide for the excellent results:   Sustainability & Environmental Consultancy LEED & WELL & MOSTADAM [...]


Coordination is key!   At #SOLUTIONSbyliftinstituut, we orchestrate design services for Architectural Offices in 16 disciplines:   Civil Engineering Structural Engineering MEP Engineering Fire and Life Safety Vertical Transportation Façade Engineering Façade Access Acoustic Sustainability & Environmental Consultancy LEED & WELL & MOSTADAM Consultancy Waste Management & Logistics Security Consultancy Building Management Systems Building Security [...]


Asansörlerde Modernizasyon Ve Elektronik Donanım   Asansörlerde bakım ve modernizasyon yıllar içinde birbirinin ayrılmaz bir parçasıdır. Modernizasyon kapsam tanımı uluslararası kaynaklarda raylar hariç asansörün tüm parçalarının değişebilmesi olarak verilir. Bununla birlikte Türkiye’de geçerli olan asansör işletme ve bakım yönetmeliğine göre piyasaya arz edilmiş bir asansörün beyan hızı, beyan yükü veya seyir mesafesinde değişiklik yapılmasını gerektiren [...]

Information and Communications Technology

ICT* is essential to create Smart Buildings and Smart Cities.   Without this capability, all other innovative technology under development will be rendered deficient.   Contact our IT/ICT specialists for monitoring and controlling your assets along with energy-efficient solutions.

Virtual Reality for Acoustic Design

See with your ears!   Did you know that, at SOLUTIONS by liftinstituut, we are capable of presenting auditorial simulations with VR* Technology?   Our company designs the forms and interior of volumes according to their purpose of use and presents designed volumes together with auditorial simulations. Services we also provide regarding Acoustic & Electroacoustic [...]

MEP Design

Did you know that our teams have accomplished more than 10 million sqm in MEP Design successfully and our team leaders have a minimum of 20+ years of experience?   We believe that we create a huge advantage by reflecting our deep experience to the BIM platform for all levels of MEP Design.

Building Maintenance and Façade Access

Unique façade design require unique maintenance solutions.   As years go by, your creation will remain as same with our Façade Access and Building Maintenance Experts.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!   We wish you a healthy, fruitful and successfull year. Hope to welcome 2022 with serenity and peace.

Audio Visual Engineering

Communications technology is an undispensable part of today's world. Audio Visual Engineering plays a key role for related integrated communication systems. A.V. Engineering improves the user experience and comfort dramatically.   We deeply care for your experience. Contact with our A.V. Experts for powerful and optimized solutions.

Signage and Wayfinding Design

Did you know effective Signage & Wayfinding System Design in complex environments contribute to a sense of well-being, safety and security?   Our experts are here to provide a comprehensive and uniq design.

SOLUTIONS by liftinstituut’s new office in London!

It's official!   We are now in London. We proudly announce that SOLUTIONS by liftinstituut's latest office opened it's doors in London, U.K. We are glad to welcome you in our second and new home in Europe.   +44 20 8106 5792 Fleet Street, EC4A 2AB

We are in the field all around the globe!

We're in the field anywhere on the globe!     As Solutions by liftinstituut we are serving collectively for all aspects of any design. Our specialists are at the office, onsite meetings and construction fields simultaneously for numerous projects worldwide.   Our aim is always to achieve a well-considered and coordinated, fully optimized, complete design.   We’re [...]

“Design for Vertical Communities”

“In many ways, Skyscrapers are the ultimate expression of modernity and optimism. Throughout the history of the high-rise debate, technical innovations have propelled the building industry, constantly pushing for higher, newer and better. In the evolution of this debate, and in relation to the densification of our cities, technical innovations have become the status-quo and [...]

Vertical Transportation Consultancy & Design Services

A building's heart is the vertical transportation systems.   VT systems, which carry us every day, their specifications have to be decided through professional consultancy studies.   The VT systems design services (traffic simulations, etc), tendering services (determining the optimum specs, etc) and site supervisions (material, installation checks, handover, etc) provides you a professional support [...]

Lighting Design

Lighting is the 4th dimension of the space.   Lighting Design changes your whole experience about the space.     It affects visibility, human wellbeing, security, expenditure, atmosphere, safety, mood, color perception, focus, task performance, sales, and space perception. We take a 24-hour approach to design with light.     Our team leader completed over [...]

Façade Engineering Services – Façade Design Consultancy

Designing an outer skin for your structures is much more than achieving an artistic vision. When it comes to Façade Design, a unidirectional approach will absolutely lead failure. Façade Design is more about:   Buildability Cost efficiency Durability Long term sustainability Environmental compatibility Energy saving Accessibility   As SOLUTIONS by Liftinstituut, we provide full support [...]

IEES – International Elevator & Escalator Symposium 2021′

IEES offers a new spirit and a breath of fresh air for the vertical transportation industry as well as for developers, architects and facility-management professionals. This world-class, annual event brings together a global roster of top experts who present scholarly papers on the most-important VT issues of the day. IEES is jointly presented by two [...]

Building Management System Design

As Solutions by liftinstituut we provide high quality services for Building Management. We believe in the importance of preparedness against crisis. We believe  Safety, cautions and measurability are inseparable. Building Management System Design provides all.   Ensure building occupants remain safe and your structure, resources and assets are well-protected. How? By integrating security and safety [...]

Consultancy & Design Services

In the ever-changing field of design technologies, standards and requirements we help you to achieve a seamless operation with full focus. We provide a complete system design across various types of services and dedicate our work to increase the efficiency and reliability of the whole system. With a deep understanding of design and operational processes, [...]