Fıre & Lıfe Safety Consultancy Servıces

We have a comprehensive experience of 30+ years. We have conducted investigations for Fire Safety in many European countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, England and Switzerland and in some Far East countries such as Japan and Singapore.

Some of the fields that we serve in terms of Fire& Life Safety Consultancy:


1. Design Review, Development, Construction Drawing Phase:

1.1 Means of Egress
1.2 Smoke Control
1.3 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
1.4 Extinguishing Systems
1.5 General Risk Assessment
1.6 Automation of Systems


2. Construction Phase and Functional Tests

2.1. Material Approval
2.2. In-situ Controls
2.3. Water Based Extinguishing System Check and Testing
2.4. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Check and Testing
2.5. Clean Agent Based Fire Extinguishing Systems Check and Testing
2.6. Checking and Testing the Electronic Systems
2.7. Test of the Fire Automation System


• The provision of system integration
• The minimization of operation and maintenance costs

*We are capable to interpret each of aforementioned subjects according to Turkish Fire Code and IBC as well as international NFPA and EN Standards.

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