Façade Engıneerıng & BMU

Our Façade Engineering and Building Maintenance Unit Consultancy teams has been serving in their fields since 1999. We have specialized in the design of extraordinary facade structures and application of exterior facade details in severe climatic conditions.
Some of the works we conduct as Façade Engineering and Building Maintenance Unit Consultants:


Works BeforeThe Contractor Contract

The first part of the services is a process in which project studies are generally carried out, system and detail types are sketched with alternative solutions, so pre-budgeting is made according to material types. This section mostly includes studies for the employer, architectural group and other project disciplines.


Project Study Period

Projects prepared by the project company or employer will be examined, and meetings will be held with the designer group or the employer. The principles of purpose, effect, intention, goal and method in design will be perceived correctly by us.


Strategy and Budget Studies

These are the studies in which the facade design strategy, concept conditions and budget associations are initiated. While creating the principles of type detail alternatives, the architectural concept and the desired effect will be adhered to.


Material and System Studies

By strictly adhering to the concept of the project, different materials will be presented with alternative options to achieve the desired external effect with what kind of materials and systems. System definitions in the project will be made together with local cross-sectional areas. Each system section will be exposed.


Comparative Cost Studies
Project & Tender Process
Project and Technical Specification
Tender File and Tendering

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