Our Façade Designers has been serving in the field since 1999. We’re specialized in the design of extraordinary and complex facade structures.


Some of the works we do in terms of Façade Conceptual Design:
Design Stage:

Along with all the environmental conditions of the facade project, technical qualifications, applicability, economy, timing, material selection, quality level, physical conditions, contractor criteria, etc. It is the stage where optimization is achieved and principle decisions defined.


Tendering Stage:

In line with the façade principle decisions and determinations taken during the study phase, the facade type details are drawn, the façades are designed as elevations, technical façade specifications are written peculiar to the project, tender specifications are written, the exploration and quantities are made, and the tender is carried out with the tender file created with all these studies. It is the stage where the contract is signed between the employer and the contractor.

Hodja Ahmad Yasawı Museum Kazakhstan