Acoustıc Consultancy

Our Acoustic Consultancy team members works in their field since 1997.
We have on expertise across all aspects of high- quality sound development. This includes the identification of your core requirements, the intended purpose of the area in question, and external factors that can compromise the space in which we are working. Within the early phase of all projects, we create conceptual 3D imaging to show both architectural details and interior design details. Using these functional models we can apply different absorption materials and sound placements to maximize sound performance.
Size is not limitation. From cutting edge home cinema centers to professional recording rooms; from orchestral concert halls to educational lecture theaters, our expertise extends to any area where a high quality of sound is essential.

We also provide expert guidance in the area of vibration control and noise monitoring of industrial equipement. We are able to calculate the detrimental effect of these on the physical health of workers and offer a solution package.


In terms of Acoustic Consultancy we also serve for:

•  Video Systems

•  Media Control Systems

•  Broadcast/Recording

•  ADA Compliant Assisted Listening

•  Performance Monitoring, Production

•  Communications

•  Telecom/IT & Infrastructure”

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